Tombeek Plage | boho wedding venue near Brussels

May 9, 2018

Some wedding venues make your heart beat just a tad faster. Tombeek Plage is one of those places. It’s beautiful, in a slightly dishevelled way. A little rough around the edges, but full of warmth and character. Even though it’s not that far away from Brussels, I’d never been there in my career as a wedding photographer. When Sara from immer emailed me asking if I was interested in taking pictures of the dinner she’d be hosting there together with the incredible culinary team of Loes & Krikke, my answer was ‘Yes, very much so, can it be April 30th already please?’. The trees outside were in full bloom and the abundance of beautiful flowers inside was courtesy of Annelies from Stek. It was a night best described by words like hygge, beauty, watermouthing, slowing down, being together, delectable, atmospheric, coziness. Happy times.