New York City Elopement | Eline & Joris

June 12, 2018

Earlier this year Eline and Joris asked me if maybe I’d care to join them in New York City to photograph their elopement. Um, is the pope catholic? I loaded up on warm winter essentials and a themed soundtrack* and flew across the Atlantic. The thing I love about New York is that it can be a completely different city depending on what you see and do. I’d been there twice before and this time I saw Eline and Joris’ version of the Empire City. Their New York is full of lively banter and atmospheric places, both stylish and quirky. We visited bars straight out of Mad Men and luminous carousels. We drank a lot of amazing cocktails.

On their wedding day we headed downtown, to the New York City Marriage Bureau. No coffee mugs or fake flowers were bought – the experience was memorable enough as it was. (An honorable mention to the wonderful Jimmy, our impromptu witness, and the civil servant yawning his way through the ceremony. Just another Tuesday morning, right?) The rest of the day was filled with iconic places and sights: Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Central Station. We visited the Oculus and took the ferry to Long Island and back. We saw snow, mist, a little bit of rain and some silky winter sunlight. Eline and Joris married each other and they kind of married New York that day too.

*(Thanks for the company, Frank Sinatra, Lou Reed, Billie Holiday, Ryan Adams, Leonard Cohen, Fred Neil, Duke Ellington, Vampire Weekend, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits en – ha, of course – Taylor Swift.)