Intimate In Home Session | Marthe & Jitske

May 17, 2018

I love it when couples take me to gorgeous outside locations for photo sessions, with jaw dropping views and light that makes photographers sigh with happiness. But taking a beautiful photograph starts with two people in front of my camera. People who love each other, and aren’t afraid to share their love and intimacy with me. You can love each other anywhere. In an unspoilt forest. In your favorite city. While travelling. Or in your own home. What’s more natural than taking pictures at home, the place you built together? The place where you spend most of your time together. Where you dance around in your underwear and act goofy without shame or fear of other people watching. It’s a familiar, comfortable space, which may help you relax during the photoshoot. The best time to take photos is when you’re relaxed, happy, open. My favorite pictures – you know, the pictures that make your heart ache a little – are taken when a couple trusts me and lets me in. Jistke and Marthe were sweet enough to welcome me into their home in Ghent with strawberries, cookies en mint tea made with mint from their own little yard. We spent the evening in their living room, bedroom and charming courtyard. Listening to Ben Howard and afterwards the Sex Pistols. They were so open, tender and funny, so clearly smitten. I was positively enthralled.