DIY wedding Ghent | Sarah and Guillaume

November 3, 2017

“People having fun, feeling themselves at home. Emotions, all the spontaneous moments.” That’s what Sarah and Guillaume told me when I asked what they would like to see in their wedding pictures.

They married at home, under the windmill of Sarah’s stepfather. Horses on one side of the venue, a flower garden on the other. A little boho, and an impressive amount of DIY. “I kind of went wild on Pinterest” smiled Sarah as we walked into the party tent. It was filled to the brim with the cutest cacti, golden accents, travel pictures and references to Sarah’s Surinamese roots.

Sarah got ready in the company of her bridesmaids. The living room buzzed with laughter and the tinkle of champagne glasses. When Guillaume and his friends arrived, the air filled with an electric enthusiasm. Right after S&G’s first look the windmill started turning and from then onwards little flags on the blades happily greeted all the arriving guests. The ceremony was officiated by a close friend. It was a moment full of stories, music and hysterical laughter. Shortly afterwards the sun started shining and the garden was lit up by a golden light.

The rest of night consisted of champagne by the last light of day, an atmospheric dinner, a lot of choking up when the praises of the lovely mothers of the couple were sung, tables nearly toppling over due to forceful toasts, hilarious speeches, the most epic selfie ever (photographed by selfie king Guillaume), and a wooden dancefloor moaning because of all the fanatic dancing. As a wedding photographer you see a lot of different parties – some intimate, some exuberant. Somehow Sarah en Guillaume knew how to combine the two. I’ll remember so many things about this wedding: sweet details like the vintage rocking horse and lights everywhere, the candy bar late at night, the bridesmaids’ DIY flowers, Sarahs breathtaking Laure de Sagazan wedding dress (from this lovely shop). But mostly I’ll remember all the moments and the small gestures. Sarah hugging one of her witnesses before she put on her dress. Guillaume’s eager look when he first saw Sarah. The bridesmaids’ and Guillaume’s huddle right before the ceremony. The hugs throughout the day. All of the jokes and frolicking. And above all warmth, lots and lots and lots of warmth.